Tobacco and Vanilla

Vanilla – a unisex oriental spicy fragrance! Warm and soft, sweet and milky.

This pleasant  scent reduces stress and tension.

Air spice is wishing you a delicious journey back to your childhood ice cream holiday vacations!!!

Tobacco scent combines sweet, spicy and woody notes. It gives you smoky, moist aroma with peppery finishing. We love it!

Words of Poetry

In a red and white tent, Victorian sweets
meet hints of Africa. You buy liquorice, vanilla and treacle. I choose strips
of sherbet, strawberry and rooibos tea.
We mix them in our cauldron mouths
like words we spoke, once, and believed,
that slipped beneath our tongues and dispersed in the wash of commuters’ melt and slurry.
Lindsey Holland

Where to use

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