Long-lasting aromas

perfume-based diffusers

We are proud to offer you the only diffusers that use a patented system for emitting aromas. Actively making Air Spice diffusers the longest-lasting on the market. Expect nothing less than 5 weeks of strong scent around your home or office!

0% plastic, because we care.

100% of the components are made in the EU and are fully compliant with all regulations.

It does not contain parabens, preservatives or petroleum-based solvents

water-based perfume scents

Aroma Sprays

Our spays are made with French essential oils, but are water-based. This is how you get the best of both worlds. Long-lasting, strong and filling scent, that you can safely spray on any surface without worrying it will stain it.

Air Spice aroma sprays do not contain aerosol and are not pressurized - making them extremely safe for keeping anywhere or traveling with them.

Our specially designed black bottles keep harmful UV and solar radiation rays in order to preserve the essential oils and guarantee the longevity of our strong scents.

Discover the scent of intimacy